Nechama Esther Wasserman Still Has Not Received Her Get

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To all readers of,

First, we want to thank Agunah and Her Get for all the wonderful services they provide
for Agunos throughout Canada, U.S.A and the world. Your work is needed in Jewish
Communities everywhere. May Hashem bless everyone involved in your organization,
with long life, health, nachas and Simchos in your families.

Know that the Monsey, Lakewood and Flatbush Jewish communities support all you are
doing. It is unbelievable how many people want to help. You have tapped into a
groundswell of support that has been waiting to find a way in which to channel their pent
up frustration with how Agunos are being treated. Kol Hakavod and may you go from
strength to strength.

We have known Nechama Esther for many years.

We went to school together in Monsey, New York, lived together in Lakewood, New Jersey and are neighbors in the Jewish community of Flatbush (Brooklyn, New York).
Some of our kids attend the same school as Nechama Esther’s children. We have
always viewed Nechama Esther as a frum woman who conducts herself according to
Orthodox Jewish law we all adhere to.

We have sympathy for the terrible situation she is in.

We can not understand why, since her marriage is over, she should not be granted a
Get as expeditiously as possible in a Jewish Court of Law, a Beis Din, as this is what is
expected by those who adhere to Orthodox Jewish law. If Nechama Esther is not given
her Get, she is called, in Orthodox Jewish law, an Agunah (chained), which means she
is forever chained until such time Nechama Esther is given a Get.

In addition, by Nechama Esther not being given her Get, she is not allowed to move on
with her life and have closure. She can not date, or, if she so desires, remarry. It is
cruel, inhumane, and against Orthodox Jewish law to withhold a Get.

Historically, in every instance in a couple’s life where a Get is withheld, it is either to
maintain control over the Agunah, or to use it as a negotiating tool, which ends up with
demands of exorbitant, biased, and unfair settlement agreements which would never
stand up in a secular court on its own merit.

We have, unfortunately, witnessed too many situations where either one of the above instances was the case.

Please daven for Nechama Esther bas Chava Shira, that she may have a yeshua and
be given her Get immediately.


Leah T.
Chavie M.
Pessy B.
Chaya K.
Deena K.
Nechama T.
Gitel R.
Leeba K.
Chani K.
Etti K.
Rivka R.
Miriam A.
Miriam E.
Chaviva S.

representing the many friends of Nechama Esther Wasserman, who are behind this

If any readers of the above letter would like to assist this Agunah in receiving her Get and require more detailed information, please send an email to the website.

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