A Tefillah (Prayer) On Behalf Of Agunos (Agunos is plural for Agunah)

POSTED ON January 26, 2014      BY admin

May it be Your will, our beloved Father in Heaven,
To bring the tragic plight of Agunos before Your Throne of Glory most favorably.
May Your mercy be aroused by the unbearable suffering they undergo constantly.
Remember them for salvation and mercy from the eternal high heavens.
O Hashem, please draw near to them in their anguish, please deliver unto them a complete redemption.
Please take them out from darkness to light, from sadness to happiness, from suffering to total relief and from hopelessness to hope.
So that Your loved ones will be rescued, please deliver with Your right hand and answer them in the merit of Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel and Leah our Matriarchs.
When the humble will see Your salvation, they will rejoice – those who seek Hashem, and their hearts will be revived.
For You Hashem listen to the prayers and supplications of Your nation Israel with mercy.

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