Our Mission is to help an Agunah receive her Get

Agunah and Her Get is committed to helping an Agunah anywhere in the world receive her Get. We will assist before, during and after the Get process on every level throughout.

Welcome to Agunah and Her Get

Agunah and Her Get is a Non-Profit Organization that offers many services to an Agunah anywhere in the world. All of the services that Agunah and Her Get offers are completely free of charge. We are a group of Orthodox Jewish professionals based in Toronto, Canada that strives to eliminate the infliction and pain of abuse within the Jewish divorce process. We will do everything possible to ensure that a Get is never used as a tool for extortion. Agunah And Her Get’s mission is to resolve all cases of get-refusal by advocating for and supporting the Agunah by any means necessary, within the framework of Orthodox Jewish law (Halacha).