All services Agunah and Her
Get offers are completely
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About Us

The group of Orthodox Jewish professionals who created and run Agunah and Her Get has well over 20 years of experience and success in the field of helping an Agunah receive her Get. Due to the heartbreaking, ongoing and burgeoning Agunah Crisis, this website was created in response to the requests from the ever increasing numbers of Agunos worldwide who have nowhere else to turn to for help in receiving their Get. Our website is viewed thousands of times per month, in addition to the many phone calls and emails that come in on a daily basis begging for assistance.

We are here to assist an Agunah anywhere in the world before, during and after the Get process. We are available to talk and consult with her twenty four hours a day, (excluding Shabbos and Jewish holidays). Our services are completely free of charge, completely confidential and are done purely L’shaim Shamayim – for the Mitzvah of helping an Agunah receive her Get.