All services Agunah and Her
Get offers are completely
free of charge



How We Help

For the Agunah in the Greater Toronto Area, in addition to helping her receive her Get, we also provide the means for the Agunah to rebuild her life and move forward successfully.

The team at Agunah and Her Get has many tools at their disposal including professionals from different fields to assist the Agunah before, during and after her Get, all free of charge.

We are constantly growing our referral network and expanding our resources to support the Agunah. Updates will be posted on this page as they become available.

Here is a list of professional services that we have available free of charge for the Agunah:

Limited Individual And Family Counselling:

Both before and after the Agunah receives her Get, many emotions come into play. The emotional turmoil can be stressful during the entire process. Our family and child services counsellors can provide limited and individual family counselling to the Agunah and/or her children to help resolve some of the many emotions that can be destructive in rebuilding one’s life.

Child Care Services:

An Agunah with children can often find it overwhelming to care for her children alone and give them the proper attention they so desperately need. We provide free babysitting services, tutoring, homework help, and “big sister” partnerships, with Jewish Orthodox high school girls. These experienced volunteers are ready and willing to help in any way the Agunah feels will benefit her children. They are there to give her an extra hand, provide a sensitive caring relationship with her children, and help to maintain a sense of normalcy in the children’s lives. As well, some older students who can drive are able to bring children to appointments and help with errands.

Agunah counsellor/coach:

One of the unique services that we provide is “Agunah coaches” – women who are currently or were formerly an Agunah – as a support system to help the Agunah get through the Get process and to move on with her life.

Accounting and Financial Advice and Expertise:

Due to her limited previous involvement with the family household finances an Agunah often does not have the financial and accounting expertise, as in most cases, her husband took care of these responsibilities. We provide the Agunah with referrals to experts in these fields to help her plan for the future. All this is designed to help the Agunah with the knowledge she needs to move forward with her life. Some of the services they provide will include, how to pay bills, manage current income in a way that will be sustainable for a longer period of time, what is needed for the accountant to file income taxes and filing her income tax return, life insurance policy change of beneficiaries, and more.

Limited Legal Advice:

After an Agunah receives her Get, she will have to make changes to her will and to subsequent decision making powers, such as power of attorney for personal care and property. We will refer her to a lawyer who specializes in writing wills, and power of attorney for both personal care and property.

Job Coaching and Resume Creation:

An Agunah often needs help re-entering the work force. We will refer her to professionals who will assess her education, work experience and strengths in order to help her rejoin the workforce as soon as possible, in the field that she can be most successful. They will also help her create a resume to send to potential employers.

Limited Dental Services:

For the Agunah whose husband takes her and her children off his dental insurance plan, or won’t help pay for dental expenses, we will refer you to a dentist who will provide dental cleaning and checkups.

Limited Medical Services:

The tremendous amount of stress that an Agunah suffers affects the body in many different ways. We will refer her to a Chiropractor for treatment. Here are some of the treatments that are offered:

  • Complimentary Chiropractic Care for women and children
  • Complimentary core/back injury prevention workshop
  • Complimentary walking analysis and foot examination

Credit & Debt Consultation:

Often an Agunah’s husband will leave her with outstanding debts, either by coercing her to take a loan in her name, to co-sign on loans or credit cards, or a myriad of other financial commitments. What does the Agunah do when the collection agencies start harassing her to pay what are really her husband’s debts? Our Debt Consultant will review these debts and outstanding bills in order to advise how to best deal with her financial burdens. There are no guaranteed fixes but often debts can be settled for a lesser amount. Sometimes the debts can be written off and other times an orderly payment plan can be negotiated that will take the pressure and anxiety off the Agunah. If the Agunah is being harassed by a collection agency our Debt Consultant can assist and advise on how to stop the harassment.

Real Estate Services:

For the Agunah who needs to move out of the matrimonial home we offer the services of a Real Estate agent to help find dwellings for rent or purchase. The agent will send updated information from the Multiple Listing Service and show any property of interest. We can also refer the Agunah to an experienced Real Estate Lawyer who will assist in reviewing and negotiating the purchase or lease agreement and other agreements, such as bills of sale, related to this transition.

Self Esteem and Beauty Consultation:

When a woman looks beautiful, she feels good about herself, and her spirit and sense of self are lifted. She then feels more empowered to face the world and her new challenges with greater confidence. We will refer the Agunah to a Make-up Artist & Esthetician who will help her feel and look beautiful. She will show the Agunah, who is on a limited budget, how to look beautiful with proper application of makeup and beauty products.