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Our Mission is to Help Agunos Receive Their Get is committed in helping Agunos receive their Get in Ontario Canada. We will assist before, during and after the Get process on every level throughout.

Our organization has 20 years of experience in the field of helping an Agunah receive her Get. We are here to assist the Agunah before, during and after the Get process. We are available to talk and consult with her twenty four hours a day, (excluding Shabbos and Jewish holidays). Our services are completely free of charge and are done purely L’shaim Shamayim – for the Mitzvah to help Agunos receive their Get. An Agunah, according to Jewish law, is a woman who wishes to obtain a divorce from her husband, but whose husband is either unable or unwilling to grant her a halachic bill of divorce, or Get.

Circumstances leading to a woman being declared an agunah are:

  • The disappearance of the husband without any witnesses declaring that he is dead;
  • The husband succumbing to a physical or mental disease that leaves him in a coma or insane and unable to actively grant a divorce;
  • The husband refusing maliciously to grant his wife a Get.

A woman denied a get by her husband is technically also called a mesureves get, although the term agunah is more commonly used.

In addition to helping an Agunah receive her Get, we provide the means for the Agunah to rebuild her life and move forward successfully.

The team at has many tools at their disposal including professionals from different fields to assist the Agunah before, during and after her Get, all free of charge.

We are constantly growing our referral network and expanding our resources to support the Agunah. Updates will be posted on this page as they become available.